Founded in 2015, Lissted is highly-efficient software that enables its users to identify key influencers in relevant online communities, gain real-time insights from social media conversations, and engage with targeted clients and customers. The software has four embedded algorithms that are exclusive to and wholly owned by Lissted, which can be used to analyse real world influencers and understand who and what matters most to different communities, across multiple online sources including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lissted has multiple applications and has been utilised in a variety of scenarios such as audience identification and outreach, stakeholder reaction tracking and engagement, and in the development of marketing strategies.


Maru/Blue is a premium quality data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies, and market research firms. We create value for our clients by connecting them with expertly profiled known respondents. The result? Reliable, reproducible insights. We deliver instant access to the general population, specific markets, and your or your competitor's customers.

Springboard America, and Maru Voice Canada, established more than a decade ago, are a testament to our commitment and depth of engagement. More recently we developed Maru Voice Canada Business and Springboard America Business, both an excellent source for business to business research.


Maru Group harmonised advisory insight business under the Maru/Matchbox brand to better strengthen the company’s multi-market insight offer and technology across European, North American and Latin American offices.

Established in 1999 to help business measure and improve their customer experience, Maru/Matchbox (formerly Maru/edr) combines a unique combination of superior technology, advisory insight and vertical expertise.

Offering a flexible and innovative toolset to gain feedback from customers anytime, anywhere and on any device, our platform is the backbone of Maru Group’s technology-focused insight and intelligence offering.



We began disrupting the market research industry in 2000, as the research arm of Vision Critical. Our cloud-based insight communities broke new ground, adding depth and richness to clients' understanding of what motivates their customers and influences their markets.

Now, as part of the Maru Group, we still operate many of the hundreds of insight communities that we implemented then, while also providing sector-specific consulting and research and in-depth qualitative insights.



Founded in 2011, Usurv is an agile research technology company that has pioneered an approach to conducting real time market research, enabling users to conduct instant surveys, with immediate feedback. Usurv’s platform automatically fields short form surveys to respondents, collecting, analysing and reporting the responses in a matter of hours, without the need for human intervention.



Established in 2004, Syngro is a leading Customer Experience technology company, headquartered in Livingston. It provides next generation Customer Experience reporting software to empower enterprises with the customer insight they need to drive profitable action and manage operational performance. Syngro’s clients collect and act on customer insight from more than 80 countries and in 30 different languages.