Maru Group


Technology-enabled market and customer insights


With recent technological advancements, the amount of customer-generated data is now vast and has stimulated a move to new and innovative means of translating the mass of information for clients. At times the industry has found itself unable to respond to an increasing expectation from clients for insights delivered at speed.

There is therefore a clear gap in the market for companies with the ability to integrate new and advanced technologies into their systems, which could rapidly aggregate and analyse data, and provide clients with meaningful insights in real-time.

Through constant investment in cutting-edge technologies, which enhance the Group’s advisory skills, Maru’s portfolio of market-leading companies continues to test the boundaries and capabilities of the traditional research and insights industry.



What we do

Maru Group is seeking to enhance the role of technology
in market research and insight generation

The Group’s in-depth knowledge of industry sectors coupled with its proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies uniquely equip clients with targeted and applicable insights at speed. It is these insights that help to inform corporate strategies.

Through its portfolio of market-leading companies, Maru Group provides clients with access to the best minds in research and insight generation across a number of geographies.



Our values

Technology + advisory = Maru

Maru Group believes in enhancing the skills of its advisory experts through the development and adoption of innovative technologies, enabling the delivery of fast and accurate insights. We believe that this substance of thought is ever more important in commerce. For us the marriage of people and technology is at the heart of the business.

Disaggregation is a virtue

The central team and resource at the heart of Maru Group is both a foundation and a catalyst. The Group is creating the ecosystem of capabilities which acts as a platform for innovation, enabling our portfolio of companies to flourish, retaining their own individual cultures and identities, but united by a common belief in the value of technology-led research and insights generation.