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Technology-driven insights, delivered at speed

Established in 2016, Maru Group is leading the way in delivering research, insight and advisory services powered by cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Maru Group is developing a global portfolio of market-leading research, insights and technology companies, all with growth characteristics, talented management teams and highly collaborative cultures.

The Group is backed by Primary Capital Partners LLP, a UK-based provider of private equity finance for high potential and growth companies.


& Solutions

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Customer Insights

Getting the customer experience right across increasingly complex journeys is difficult. Often brands are left unsure which improvements to make to the customer journey and which developments to prioritise. Maru’s Voice of the Customer technology is a proprietary, multi-touchpoint program providing companies with real-time data coupled with advisory insight. It is the first completely digital visual semiotics research tool to unlock emotional responses and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.


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Customer Experience Management

In a fast moving, consumer-driven world, it is important to know how your customers are feeling and how you can improve your product and services. Maru’s Customer Experience Management solution allows businesses to capture feedback in real-time and empower staff to take control of their customers’ experiences. The platform provides multinationals with access to global customer journey mapping, big data integration and multi-lingual operations.


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Insight Panels & Communities

In such a fast-paced, consumer-driven world, it can be difficult to be know what you need to do to grow. Brands need robust insight generated from the right people to solve key business challenges. An Insight Panel or Community provides an engaging and secure environment to listen and talk to customers or target groups. Companies can use Maru’s panels and communities to tap into emerging trends, explore new ideas and develop new products and services rooted in clear customer insight.


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Employee Insights

Employees are the richest resource a company has, but often their ideas and insight only go as far as closed conversations with fellow colleagues. Maru’s Voice of the Employee provides a platform to tap into employee conversations through regular feedback surveys or branded and engaging staff communities. This allows companies the opportunity to monitor employee engagement and morale and act accordingly before it impacts their customers.